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Bringing a collection to life

Phase 1.

Sketching, brainstorming, playing around with fabric ideas and different silhouettes to create the road map of a cohesive collection. Putting together months of inspiration into a few outfits is one of the hardest parts of the process especially when deciding between 100 sketches which 3 outfits are the best.



Phase 2.

Bringing the sketches to life through pattern making and draping. I do mainly 2D pattern making to do this which is technically the more difficult way to go, but makes the most sense to me.  


Phase 3.

Sample construction brings the pattern to life and reveals how the silhouette looks and feels. It is key to understanding what needs to be moulded and adjusted to achieve the desired outcome. After extensive back and forth between the pattern and samples, the final design is ready to be transformed in the chosen fabric.



Phase 4. 

 It's time to photograph the collection and bring all the ideas and inspiration together into one story. Whilst all the hard work of the design process is rewarding, the photoshoot really captures all the dreams and effort in a few hours, leaving a joyous feeling that something truly special has been bought to life.